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Below are links listing some informative web sites where you can find out what's really going on in the USA and the World.

National and the World

The Drudge Report 
   Great internet source for the  news by Matt Drudge 

FOX News
24/7 World News
 "Fair and Balanced"

CNN News
24/7 World News
Also "Fair and Balanced"

BBC News
British Broadcasting Network

 Bill O'Reilly
 Bill O'Reilly's web site

National Review Online   Conservative news  

 The Hill News
 Capital Hill Newspaper about Congress

 Roll Call
 The Newspaper of Capital Hill
since 1955


Offical site of
the White House


 Washington Newspaper

Rush Limbaugh
   Rush Limbaugh's web site

Official site Republican National

Sarah Palin
Sarah Palin's web site


 The Australian
The Sun    The Post
published by Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation. Headquartered in Sydney

Human Events On Line.com


            Ralph Nader 
     Ralph Nader's web site

 USA Today

Great USA newspaper

America's News Page

 Swift Boat Veterans for Truth
The well know 2004 election site is still up and running today by some of the
Vietnam Veterans who served with John Kerry and who are pictured in many of the John Kerry for President commercials.  You will find their stories to be very, very different from what John Kerry told America about what he did during his short four month stay in Vietnam.


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